It’s getting hot in Texas and that can only mean ….. time for another TAB Convention. Their 65th convention and your 28th Engineer’s Dinner.

Again this August, RF Specialties of Texas (Dan Sessler/Wray Reed); BGS (Gary Tibbot/Mary Schnelle); GBS (Dan/Tim Giesler) are happy to host this wonderful event. With the help from our sponsors, we hope to have another fantastic evening. Please see the attached flyer that list all of your sponsors that make this dinner happen every year. TAB 2018 ENGINEERS DINNER Flyer

As you may have heard the convention is moving to the downtown Marriott.

There just happens to be a great BBQ place in that Marriott building complex. Their upstairs seats about 300 people. Been awhile since we have had great Texas BBQ.

Look’s like the TAB has put together an excellent line up of sessions for Wednesday and Thursday. Many of the technical sessions are geared toward us engineer types. And with the move to the Marriott, they have added more booths at Thursday’s exhibitor’s showcase (the largest State broadcasting show).

TAB has continued to keep the cost low so everyone will have an opportunity to attend the convention (please note June 22nd “early bird” discount rate):

Your dinner hosts also have free passes to the trade show and product demos (does not include a lunch ticket nor access to sessions). Use discount code GBS2018 It will expire 07/23 then $50 fee.

Feel free to attend TAB’s Kick Off Party starting at 6PM. Then head down to the ground level where Copper’s BBQ is located (around the corner – again same building complex). We hope to get started about 7:45.

RSVP’s are required to join us at this dinner on Wednesday August 1st. All you have to do is let one of your host know (email addresses listed below). And as in the past, this is a very friendly gathering so your spouse or friend is most welcome to join you.

All of us are looking forward to another great evening. We will be introducing our sponsors; SBE’s John Poray will touch on National issues; presentation of the Stephen H Schott Excellence In Texas Engineering Awards to three very deserving engineers, of course the “crazy raffle” and most important, some very tasty Coopers Texas BBQ.

Best Regards,

RF Specialties – Dan and Wray

BGS- Gary and Mary

GBS – Dan and Tim


David Lingenfelter, is looking for a Texas based assistant chief engineer for HC2 (They bought MAKO and Azteca along with others.)   Mostly LP and a few High power.   Most of the duties would be to supervise contract engineers in markets all across the USA, with a few days of travel a month, from the home base of the assistant chief.



Looking for engineers.. full time salaried “chief Engineer” type jobs.. Call:

Perry Priestley
Chief Executive Officer
Anywave Communication Technologies

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