of the last monthly meeting:


Tom Daniels called the meeting to order.

There were 11 in attendance.

The treasurer reported a balance.

Bill Porter with Paradigm Marketing sponsored a webinar presented by NVERSION, who demo’ed their NFinityView and Aramis server.

A brief discussion of Link Electronics closed captioning technologies also ensued.



Chairman Tom Daniels opened the meeting.

Attendance is 14.

Membership renewal time is now.

The Treasurer reported.

Our guest speaker is Eddy Vanderkerken, Director of  Broadcast Sales with Radio Frequency Systems.  His discussion was titled; “Antenna and RF System Design for the FCC Repack”.

He discussed RFS’ simulation method for pattern replication using computer optimization, the RFS Analysis & Antenna Planning Tool, and their low insertion loss, cast UHF mask filters, designed with computer aided tuning.

A demonstration using RFS’s free software, the Antenna Analysis and Selection Tool, followed.


January 9, 2018:

Chairman Tom Daniels opened the meeting.

In attendance where 12.

The Chapter treasurer reported a bank balance.

It was voted and seconded  that the current Officers will remain in office for the next year.

The various National SBE membership options discussed, including the benefits of various webinars made available to members at the higher level.

For future meetings, the members discussed various roadtrips and securing guest speakers for meetings.

NAB & TAB schedules and conflicting dates were reviewed.

George Schank discussed creating a broadcast-centric post-mortem article on Hurricane Harvey; the  issues, experiences, problems and lessons.  He asked for community info and additions, via the website email to create a future planning guide. Of interest are solutions and stories relating to the storm disruptions, lessons learned, personal and work stories, station and community resources (suppliers and agencies), transportation options and challenges, and backup preparedness.

November 14, 2017

Chairman Tom Daniels called the meeting to order.

Total attendance = 9.

Treasure reported a balance.

Items of business discussed:

  1. the meetings will remain monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month.
  2. the annual holiday party will not be sponsored this year; therefore the chapter will pay for the dinner, with the following guidelines:
    1. only current members and spouses will be paid for.
    2. there will be a cash bar for alcohol.
    3. non members will not be ‘comped; they are be encouraged to join prior to the event and receive a free dinner.
    4. everyone on the mailing list will receive this information.
  3. there is a new SBE membership category, with increased benefits.  The yearly dues is $175 vs. $85.

The presentation by Shure was hosted by Glenn Yates of Highway Marketing and Bill Ostry from Shure.  Discussed and displayed were the new Shure wireless technologies and devices, with new frequency allocations (repack ready), and power outputs.  The buy-back plan was announced.  The flagship product(s), Axient digital, was demonstrated, as was the Wireless Workbench analysis, control and frequency management software. (see pictures on our media pages)

October 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tom Daniels.
The Treasurer reported a balance.

There was discussion on whether to have meetings every two months instead of every

There was discussion on whether to have a Holiday party this year. Currently, without
any sponsors, the Chapter would pay. A decision on whether to have a members and
partners/spouse’s only private party will be discussed, with an option for non-members to attend should the non-member join the chapter when arriving at the party. Further, a location has not yet been secured.

The need for recruiting of new members was discussed and various attendees volunteered to act on the mailing list participants.

September 12, 2017:

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tom Daniels.
The Chairman read the SBE National announcements and updates.

SBE informal August meeting at TAB – SBE Engineer’s Dinner, August 9, 2017.

Our Chapter Treasurer and event sponsor Dan Giesler welcomes the guests and co-sponsors.

A great time was had by all!

SBE July MEETING – 7/11/2017

Chairman Tom Daniels opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s report

Chairman’s report and notices:

  1. the upcoming Nautel Webinar notice for SBE re-certification credits.
  2. Use the SBE site to post Houston jobs on the national site.
  3. Jobs compensation survey is now posted.
  4. National elections begin July 24 – expect ballots by email or mail.
  5. EAS Blue Alert comments are encouraged.
  6. National SBE meeting in Denver, Oct. 25-26.

Paul Easter presented the monthly program, which was guest speaker John Ahern from Comlab, speaking on Davicom monitoring systems.  The subject was “Estimating Remote Site Maintenance Costs”.

With over 4000 installs, the company website has a site maintenance cost calculator to assist engineers in designing and budgeting with their intelligent remote control and site monitoring systems.

SBE June MEETING – 6/13/2017

Chairman Tom Daniels opened the meeting

All attendees introduced themselves.

Tom Daniels announced new SBE national business, including

1. a local Chapter Engineer of the year nominee notice, for inclusion with the National nominees, by 6/15.

2. use of the free SBE jobs online form – request service.

3. the SBE compensation survey is complete.

4. the TAB convention, August 9/10.

5. the national SBE meeting in Denver in October 25/26.

Treasurer Dan Giesler reported on the Chapter bank account.

He announced that Errol Coker is to receive the Steve Schott / George Marti award at TAB.

Dan introduced the guest speaker, Oscar Rodriguez, President of the Texas Association of Broadcasters.

Oscar Rodriguez announced this year’s talk-circuit was an Engineer meet & greet. He outlined his work on:

1. meeting with national and state legislatures, and with the comptrollers office.

2. issues relating to the spectrum repack, including fund access for cost coverage available to radio and TV broadcasters for protection, within a 39 month timeframe, and placeholder requests.

3. ATSC3 – as it is pushing forward.

4. Tax issues- including sales tax exemptions protections. He encouraged contacting TAB for issues or questions.

5. the upcoming August Convention.

6. He described the NAB PILOT Innovation Challenge.

7. the current EAS plan, which is waiting on FCC approval.

8. the free TAB email newsletter.

9. the engineering shortage – and the fact that scholarships are available.

A Q&A session followed, which touched on topics including:

1. FCC mandates vs. voluntary, as they concern FM and other tuner technology, innovation (HD radio, ATSC, cell FM chip) and ideology.

2. the Main Studio Rule proposal and comments.

The meeting adjourned.

SBE  May MEETING – May 9, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Tom Daniels.

Preparations were discussed for the June meeting with TAB President Oscar Rodriguez.

National SBE office announcements were read:

  • the engineering awards nomination deadline is June 15.
  • there is a recruitment drive.
  • the National meeting is in October.
  • the membership renewal campaign is underway.


Meeting minutes are posted within a week of the last meeting.