The SBE 105 Holiday Party!
7PM at Kim Son restaurant, downtown.
Note: the annual holiday party will not be sponsored this year; therefore the chapter will pay for members’ dinners, with the following guidelines:
  1. only current members and spouses will be paid for.
  2. there will be a cash bar for alcohol.
  3. non members will not be ‘comped;  but they are be encouraged to join prior to the event and receive a free dinner.
there is still plenty of time for you nonmembers to sign up for your 2017-2018 SBE membership
Sign up BEFORE the party and your SBE Chapter will provide you and your spouse (or special friend) with dinner and a great time on December 12th.  What a deal!  Your membership allows the Chapter to host events throughout the year – so it is a win-win for you and the Houston SBE Chapter.

Unless otherwise noted, the meeting room opens at 11:30 and the meeting starts at noon.